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Hi, I am Tyisha!

Hi everyone!

Tyisha Mcknight is a passionate and innovative candle artisan and owner of a candle shop, whose creations illuminate homes and hearts alike. With a keen eye for design and a deep appreciation for the art of candlemaking, Tyisha has established herself as a notable presence in the industry, delighting customers with her unique and captivating creations.

 Born on September  17, 1984, Tyisha has an Associate degree in Business, and works full-time for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. After that, she focuses her time and effort on running her own small business, Brown Girl Candle Cafe.


Tyisha’s journey into the art of creating candles began as a path to healing after experiencing the profound loss of her beloved daughter. Through her remarkable resilience and creative spirit, Tyisha transformed her grief into a source of light and comfort, touching the lives of many with her heartfelt creations.


What sets Tyisha apart is her dedication to innovation and experimentation. Constantly seeking to push the boundaries of traditional candlemaking, she combines new techniques with new waxes (particularly soy waxes), scents, wicks, and jars. Drawing inspiration from her favorite desserts, she infuses her creations with a touch of elegance, sophistication, and candlelicious scents.


Over the years, Tyisha has carefully crafted an exquisite range of signature candle collections, each telling a unique story. From the “Jamaican Me Crazy” candle jar that captures the essence of the tropics to the “Little Mermaid” candle inspired by the deep blue sea, Tyisha’s candles offer a magical journey that delights the senses and inspires the soul.


Despite facing a heart-wrenching tragedy in life, Tyisha never lost the will to keep going and remained passionate in pursuing the things she truly cared about. With an increasing clientele, she aspires to continue growing her business, while providing a serene space for customers to immerse themselves in her creations. Within the next 10 years, she strives to have her own foundation that helps grieving families deal with the loss of children. Her candles are not just symbols of beauty but also a beacon of hope for those coping with the loss of a loved one.


Beyond her artistic endeavors, Tyisha also has a 9-to-5 career. She has a wonderful mother of five beautiful living children. To Tyisha, her family is everything, and she always prioritizes spending quality time with them by doing events on weekends and having fun with her kids.


To know more about Tyisha and her business, feel free to visit https://www.browngirlcandlecafe.com/. or call 215-821-6468


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  • Tyisha McKnight


  • Tyisha McKnight


  • Tyisha McKnight